little secret

LITTLE SECRET is a short, suspenseful drama, about a fifteen year old boy and his inner struggles. An innocent lie a son tells his mother as an excuse. Everyone has had the experience in one way or another. We’ve all covered things up. What happens when the consequences begin to snowball? With every minute that passes, it becomes harder and harder to back out of the lie and tell the truth.

This short film is inspired by a true story, which happened in April 2012 in Breclav, Czech Republic. It received wide coverage and was a media sensation. Today’s headlines quickly fade away under the never ending rush of new events. But this story deserves to be told - that we pause and look at it from different angles. In doing so, we understand better the universal themes of how human beings everywhere live their lives. Short synopsis (50 words): We've all covered things up, but what happens when the consequences begin to snowball, and every minute it becomes harder and harder to take back the lie. Little Secret is inspired by a true story that happened in April 2012 in the Czech Republic and became a national scandal.

(running time 20 minutes)

Tomas: Adam Misik
Mother: Klara Cibulkova
Sarka: Jenovefa Bokova

Produced by Stink, Stillking, Czech TV, Martin Krejci, Avion, Barrandov Sound

Written/Directed by Martin Krejci

Director of Photography: Stepan Kucera

Edit: Filip Malasek

Sound: Ivo Heger

Music: Marek Doubrava, Ondrej Jezek

Art Direction: Adela Hakova

On Set Photos: Alzbeta Jungrova

Poster Photo: Vaclav Jirasek

Representation: Tatiana Detlofson,
Production Contact: Andrea Chadimova,